Mission Statement

Passion for Change is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3), which serves as a catalyst in breaking the stigma of mental illness by shedding light, challenging misperception and driving change through research, advocacy and education.

Passion for Change is designed to address issues and provide solutions both locally and with a national scope.

1-in-4 of us will experience a mental illness in a given year.

Mental illness can stem from multiple causes, some of which are not immediately apparent or appreciated:

    • Health/medical issues
    • Biologically-based (brain disorder)
    • Genetic predisposition
    • Environmental causes

Potential triggers:

    • Severe stress
    • Multiple traumas
    • Life events


Mental health—and its antithesis, mental illness—is a critical issue in our society today. It affects not only the happiness, productivity and well being of the individuals who struggle with mental health issues, but that of family, friends, coworkers and others who interact with them.

The costs measure not only in mental and emotional terms, but reciprocally in physical terms and in hard dollars as mental health issues touch all of society.

Our core program, Communicators for Mental HealthSM, was developed from the identification in our study, from a professional orientation, of:

    • The complexities and types of mental illness stigma
    • The rationale for the stigmatization by society at all levels
    • Some of the resulting tragic costs
    • A solid set of strategies that can be used by professional communicators and mental health professionals to combat stigma